What is Yujis cursed technique? (2023)

Itadori Yuuji

Age: 15 years old
Birthday: March 20th
Birthplace: Miyagi
Enrollment method: Scouted
Jutsushiki: Nothing
Technique(s): Divergent fist *has experienced Black flash
Hobby/special skill: Karaoke, watching TV, impersonation
Favorite food: Anything don (rice in a bowl topped with various things, like katsudon (topped with pork cutlets) or oyakodon (mixture of egg and chicken)), noodles
Least favorite food: Nothing
Stress: Science subjects (failed at molecular bio)
Preference/type: Jennifer Lawrence (tall woman with big butts)


Q: Please tell use the reason for his name.
A: His last name is from medicinal plant. His given name is from my classmate, which I think suitable.

Q: Is his hair dyed?
A: It’s natural.

Q: Does he usually talk to Sukuna?
A: They don’t get along well.

Q: When he is alone, it seems that Sukuna talks a lot. Can Itadori sleep at night?
A: It’s alright. Even along asphalt of Toumei expressway, Itadori can sleep fine.

Q: If Itadori who has strong resistance against curses to eat Kusouzu, what will happen?
A: In the circumstance if the current Sukuna is substituted by Kusouzu, the consciousness of the Kusouzu will disappear and Itadori will get its cursed energy. If it’s the current Itadori after he ate Sukuna, Sukuna inside Itadori will make the Kusouzu disappear.

Q: Is there anyone who taught Itadori to master martial arts?
A: No one specifically. His grandfather taught him a bit karate. “Manji kick” is picked up by Itadori, so his best move becomes “Manji kick”.

Continued Q&A, Black flash under cut.

What is Yujis cursed technique? (1)

Q: What are the title of movies he watched during Gojo’s training?
A: My memory is faint, but I think they are “Leon”, “Descent”, “Guemuru” (Japanese title for “the Host”), “Yuki yukite, Shingun” (”The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On”). The one Gojo spoiled is “Deep Blue”.

Q: “This is the one thing I can’t forgive!” Does Itadori have something like that?
A: An evil that makes someone nauseating.

Q: Does Itadori have no friends other than in the technical college? Does he still keep contact with his friends from middle school and hometown?
A: He has friends, but Itadori only started to bring phone when he netered the technical college. I’ll let you guess the rest.

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Q: If he doesn’t become a sorcerer, what kind of profession will Itadori have?
A: Maybe something like a firefighter…

Q: Does he have favorite TV show and channel?
A: Something related to variety of foods. He will laze around watching it if he’s into it.

Q: What makes him attracted to Jenifer Lawrence’s butt and height? Please tell us the work you have see before.
A: “The Only One Playbook in the World” (”Silver LInings Playbook”)

Q: Is he the type to do school’s task and task over long break neatly?
A: He’s the type to do it the day before. The type that may be late, but properly submit it.

Q: What had happened so that he comes to be called “Tiger of West High” in his hometown?
A: I really had not think about it at all, but maybe someone getting revenge at him for being beaten at fight, helping people and beat the delinquent, but it becomes an exaggerated rumor.

Q: If Itadori and Toudou goes to the same middle school not related to sorcerer, will they become friends?
A: They probably will find something in common

Q: When he was asked to take photo with Ozawa Yuuko during graduation, how does it go?
A: “Yes, photo, right? Yes, yes.”

Q: Itadori seems like he has a lot of clothes with attached hood, is this part of specific thoughts in his character design?
A: Nothing in specific. The hood is Akutami’s habit.

Q: (Akutami) told us before that you dislike Itadori, what is the reason of choosing a protagonist you dislike ?
A: It’s not that I hate him, I’m bad at handling him. I’m working on the things I’m not good in the future. Rather than choosing, it’s more like it turned out to be like this in the way.

What is Yujis cursed technique? (2)

Black flash

Black flashing light approaching the core of cursed energy

When cursed energy lands in 0.000001 second moment after a blow, the space is distorted and cursed energy flashes black. This “phenomenon” is called “Black flash” in the jujutsu world. “Black flash” is “critical hit of cursed energy”, so to speak. When it happens, the strength of average attack is exponentiated by 2.5, due to its circumstance there is no sorcerer able to exert it at will. Even so, for the one who has experienced “Black flash” and the one who hasn’t, their distance (understanding) to the core of cursed energy is like the difference of sky and land. The one who has experience it stands in another dimension.

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Spoilers. Questions about itadori and the fingers

This post contains season one spoilers until the last episode.

I had a question about itadori’s ability and the fingers consumed. If this is a manga spoiler then you can leave it unanswered but I was confused when Sukuna eats a finger does he get stronger or does itadori get stronger too. I am talking specifically about itadori’s cursed energy when he uses black flash and other techniques. I know that he got the energy from Sukuna. So I’m guessing when itadori eats a finger his cursed energy rises cause it’s related to Sukunas energy.

Na, Hashiru No Suki Ka?
Apr 20, 2021 4:51 AM
Aug 2016

Yup, he’s getting cursed energy.. So many people are mistaking energy for technique.. Yuuji isn’t getting any techniques from sukuna but the energy in those fingers are now in yuji since yuji actually had no cursed energy before and that’s why more things he can do with cursed energy are showing up specifically after eating more fingers

Apr 20, 2021 4:52 AM
Aug 2016

prankstr said:
yuji can’t use sukuna’s cursed energy, he only gained CE because he ate a cursed object so basically the CE yuji is using is his own. only one who’s gaining power from the fingers is sukuna. and also my take is divergent fist and black flash don’t use up that much CE so the amount of CE yuji has is enough for him considering he doesn’t have a technique.

There’s difference between energy and technique.. The power in those fingers are in yuji.. Even he says so as to why

he survived a black flash
Apr 20, 2021 5:44 AM
Dec 2020

Jogo asks someone later on how strong he is on a scale of sukuna fingers, and the answer he gets it around 10, so it’s safe to assume there is some kind of power gain or overall sorcerer strength from the fingers

said the lolicon bastard

Apr 20, 2021 6:15 AM
Aug 2016
prankstr said:
nakkki said:

prankstr said:
yuji can’t use sukuna’s cursed energy, he only gained CE because he ate a cursed object so basically the CE yuji is using is his own. only one who’s gaining power from the fingers is sukuna. and also my take is divergent fist and black flash don’t use up that much CE so the amount of CE yuji has is enough for him considering he doesn’t have a technique.

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There’s difference between energy and technique.. The power in those fingers are in yuji.. Even he says so as to why

he survived a black flash

I know the difference xd only thing yuji is getting is sukuna’s residual abilities e.g poison resistance. only sukuna can decide to share his cursed energy and knowing his nature we can tell he’d never do that unless there’s a benefit to him.

anyone could survive black flash like todou, BF is like a critical hit that amplifies a normal attack to the power of 2.5.

Yuji Itadori’s Powers From Jujutsu Kaisen Explained

What is Yujis cursed technique? (3)

Episode 1 of «Jujutsu Kaisen» introduces viewers to Yuji Itadori, an athletically gifted high schooler interested in the occult. Yuji decides to join his school’s occult research club. Although technically registered to the track and field team, he chooses to attend the research club’s meetings instead. What is initially an innocent interest in the spooky and unexplainable leads to legitimate danger when Yuji and the rest of the occult research club discover a Cursed Object which causes strange incidents at their school. Yuji’s fellow club members remove the object, which turns out to be one of the fingers of Sukuna, the King of Curses, from a protective seal. Doing this allows Cursed Spirits — negative human emotions which manifest as dangerous monsters — to attack them in pursuit of it.

Jujutsu Sorcerer-in-training Megumi Fushiguro uses his considerable power to fight the Cursed Spirits, but he cannot overcome them. On something of a whim, Yuji swallows Sukuna’s finger and hopes to absorb its energy so he can fight alongside Fushiguro. This event is the inciting incident for nearly all of the plot of «Jujutsu Kaisen.» In short, the series chronicles Yuji’s growth from an ambitious high schooler into a supernatural warrior. As he slowly transforms into a powerful fighter, Yuji acquires a variety of supernatural powers and skills.

Yuji Itadori is physically strong

What is Yujis cursed technique? (4)

Following his introduction to Megumi Fushiguro and his mentor, Satoru Gojo, Yuji Itadori enrolls in Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School. At this school, humans learn how to wield a natural resource called Cursed Energy in order to fight Cursed Spirits, becoming what are called Jujutsu Sorcerers. Yuji starts from ground zero, possessing virtually no ability to wield Cursed Energy, instead of approaching many of his early fights with little more than raw human strength.

Yuji first exhibits his considerable physicality in Episode 1 (via IMDb), when his track and field coach allows him to leave the team and officially join the occult research club if he wins a shot put competition. Not only does Yuji succeed, but he breaks a world record and demonstrates to viewers that he is supernaturally gifted even before discovering the world of Jujutsu Sorcery.

Furthermore, even when he does attain a certain level of familiarity with Cursed Energy, Yuji sticks to a hand-to-hand fight style. He fortifies his attacks with Cursed Energy rather than develop a more technical fighting style like Fushiguro’s, which involves fighting alongside summoned creatures. His considerable strength remains the core of his approach to combat throughout the entirety of «Jujutsu Kaisen» Season 1.

Yuji Itadori can resist Sukuna’s influence

What is Yujis cursed technique? (5)

(Video) Yuji's Cursed Technique / Jujutsu Kaisen

After Yuji Itadori swallows his finger in Episode 1, Sukuna takes over Yuji’s body and exorcises his Cursed Spirit foe with ease. Megumi Fushiguro, however, is about to attack Yuji/Sukuna when Yuji suddenly regains control of his body and represses all signs of Sukuna, including his tattoos and an extra pair of eyes.

Satoru Gojo ultimately tests whether or not Yuji can resist Sukuna once again taking control of his body. He confirms Yuji can, in fact, avoid succumbing completely to Sakuna’s influence. As a result, Gojo allows Yuji to become a vessel for the rest of Sukuna’s fingers. If Yuji had been unable to do so, he would have been killed in order to prevent Sukuna from manifesting anew.

This ability, which Yuji naturally possesses, not only saves his life but is key to his growth as a Jujutsu Sorcerer. Since Yuji, through happenstance, becomes a vessel for collecting and disposing of the Cursed Energy-laden fingers of Sukuna, he must likewise become a powerful warrior in order to competently shoulder that responsibility. His journey as a Jujutsu Sorcerer, then, is contingent entirely upon his supernatural ability to resist the influence of Sukuna’s spirit, despite it living within him.

Yuji Itadori is brave

What is Yujis cursed technique? (6)

The final component of Yuji’s base capabilities in combat, prior to becoming a Jujutsu Sorcerer, is his brave constitution. It’s thanks to his considerable bravery that he jumps in to fight alongside Megumi Fushiguro in Episode 1, most likely saving Fushiguro’s life despite a complete lack of experience with the supernatural.

That said, Yuji’s bravery is sometimes to his detriment, like when he attempts to go toe-to-toe with a Special Grade (indicating the highest possible level of power) Cursed Spirit known as the Finger Bearer in Episode 4 (via IMDb). His attacks are not only ineffective, but he loses a hand seconds into their battle. Nevertheless, it’s in this situation that Yuji first manifests Cursed Energy despite no formal training in doing so, further demonstrating how his courageousness can singlehandedly result in the discovery of new powers, even if that particular fight was one he would have lost without intervention from Sukuna.

Yuji Itadori can use Cursed Energy to power his fists

What is Yujis cursed technique? (7)

After dying and coming back to life in the wake of his battle with the Finger Bearer, Satoru Gojo begins to formally teach Yuji Itadori how to manifest Cursed Energy at will. Gojo explains that Cursed Energy is akin to raw electricity, and Cursed Techniques — abilities fueled by Cursed Energy — are like home appliances in comparative complexity. Yuji, however, is unable to utilize Cursed Techniques given his introduction to the world of Jujutsu Sorcery as a teenager. Cursed Techniques, Gojo reveals, are based on inherited ability and generally cannot be developed.

Instead, Yuji learns to incorporate the manifestation of raw Cursed Energy into his existing fighting style. This culminates with Yuji’s creation of the Divergent Fist attack, a punch that hits twice in short succession. First, he strikes with his natural physical strength before delivering a subsequent blow consisting of pure Cursed Energy. In Episode 12 (via IMDb), while fighting Mahito, a preternaturally gifted Cursed Spirit, Yuji’s Divergent Fist proves especially useful because the second strike comes before Mahito uses his ability to regenerate after sustaining an injury. In doing this, Yuji makes direct contact with Mahito’s soul.

Yuji Itadori learns the Black Flash technique

What is Yujis cursed technique? (8)

Yuji Itadori’s more recent and substantial development as a Jujutsu Sorcerer occurs during the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event in the latter half of Season 1. At the beginning of the event, Yuji battles Aoi, a student at the Kyoto branch of Jujutsu High. When Aoi learns he and Yuji are attracted to the same type of woman, he begins to think of Yuji as an old friend and commits himself to better Yuji in battle.

Their strange friendship culminates with Yuji learning the Black Flash technique. Aoi is not a fan of the Divergent Fist, claiming that the Cursed Energy Yuji releases in the wake of his initial punch is wasted. Aoi prefers Yuji imbue his attack with Cursed Energy at the precise moment of impact and helps teach Yuji how to wield his Cursed Energy such that this becomes possible.


Then, in the battle against the Special Grade Cursed Spirit Hanami, Aoi refuses to aid Yuji until he can successfully deploy the Black Flash, as the ability is known. Not only is Yuji able to do so, but he then repeats the attack with ease throughout the ensuing fight. Given the importance of physical strength, his unique relationship to Cursed Energy, and the bravery he exhibits in figuring out how to use the Black Flash for the first time against a foe stronger than himself, this moment is something of a culmination of Yuji’s overall combat proficiencies.


What is Yujis cursed technique? ›

A very powerful technique in his arsenal is “cursed womb: death painting” – an ability he used to breathe life into his children Choso, Kechizo, and, Eso, and many others that have not been shown yet in the series.

What is Itadori Yuji's cursed technique? ›

Black Flash (黒閃, Kokusen?): A technique that creates spatial distortion when a user connects with an impact of cursed energy within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit. The phenomenon causes cursed power to flash black, creating a more potent attack to the power of 2.5 of a normal hit.

What is Yuji's cursed energy? ›

However, cursed energy does not flow on its own. Yuji Itadori's cursed energy used to lag behind his superhuman speed when he threw a punch, resulting in his Divergent Fist technique. This delay was due to his inexperience with making cursed energy flow properly throughout his body.

What is Itadori Yuji's hidden ability? ›

Yuji Has Great Control Over Cursed Energy

Despite only recently becoming a sorcerer, Yuji is able to control his Cursed Energy amazingly well. Thanks, in part, to his ability to quickly learn new things, he's been able to combine his martial arts with his energy to reinforce his attacks and hurt Curses.

Will Yuji be able to use cursed techniques? ›

Even amongst his peers, Yuji is able to learn new skills and techniques at an absurd speed. Before attending Jujutsu High, he had very little combat training and no cursed energy training, yet he was able to pick up advanced martial arts and cursed energy manipulation within a few weeks.

Will Yuji get Sukuna's powers? ›

Yuji is only inheriting Sukuna's technique and not Sukuna's skill with that technique. So technically Yuji could attempt to learn reverse cursed technique for healing at any time he wanted to.

What is the strongest cursed technique in Jujutsu Kaisen? ›

Falling into the top three most powerful Jujutsu Kaisen cursed techniques is Megumi Fushiguro with his Ten Shadows technique. This is another inhereted technique, this time passed down in the Zenin Family, which allows Megumi to summon up to ten potential shikigami using his shadows as an intermediary.

Who has six eyes before Gojo? ›

Satoru revealing his Six Eyes to activate Unlimited Void.

Is Yuji a curse hybrid? ›

To clarify Yuji is a curse / human hybrid, by eating the cursed object “Sukuna's Finger” he gained the properties of a curse and became a vessel for Sukuna's cursed energy. Yuji isn't a natural sorcerer, he has no innate technique of his own.

Is Yuji weak without Sukuna? ›

Without the use of jujutsu powered by the cursed energy from Sukuna, Yuji is capable of tasks that require great amounts of power and strength.

Can Yuji surpass Gojo? ›

5) Itadori Yuji

The protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo himself stated that Itadori Yuji would surpass him one day. Even before swallowing Sukuna's finger, Itadori possessed incredible physical capabilities, as seen when he informally set a shot put record at school.

How is Yuji Itadori so strong without Sukuna? ›

He's asked how he'll be able to fight despite Sukuna not being in him any more, and Yuji explains that it will be fine because it's not like Sukuna helped him before anyway. As Shoko Ieiri explained to Yuji, Yuji's body as become like a Cursed Object that had been stewing in Sukuna's power.

Why Itadori is strong without Sukuna? ›

When he combines his Manji Kick and Knee Release with his own cursed energy , he is very powerful. He can do all this without using help from Sukuna.

What is Yuji's domain expansion? ›

As it happens, Sukuna managed to exist independently within Yuji Itadori precisely because he resides in his own innate domain. As the name suggests, Domain Expansion is the ability to expand a user's innate domain into the real world.

What is Yuta's cursed technique? ›

In addition to mastering close combat skills, Yuta has become a proficient user of reverse cursed technique. After executing Yuji, Yuta instantly restarted his heart by outputting reverse cursed energy into him. His ability to output reverse cursed energy at will is something even Satoru is unable to do.

Does Yuji Itadori have cursed energy without Sukuna? ›

Because Itadori had no cursed energy before eating Sukuna's finger, he is presumably back to being a powerless civilian. While Jujutsu Kaisen fans have learned that Yuji's mother, Kaori, did have an innate cursed technique that Kenjaku has inherited, he's still yet to be seen using any inherited cursed energy.

What is Sukuna's real power? ›

Unnamed Fire Ability: Sukuna can create and manipulate flames for long-range attacks. These abilities exceed Jogo's, an unregistered special-grade curse whose defining trait involves extremely destructive pyrokinetic powers.

Who is Sukuna's love interest? ›

Akutami Gege said that Sukuna had no wife or children in his past and that he only had Uraume. As said by Akutami in the Jujutsu Kaisen official fanbook, Sukuna's pleasure is eating, and a lot of fans joked about how Uraume makes the perfect partner for Sukuna since they can cook delicious meals.

Will Yuji befriend Sukuna? ›

Since that fateful day, Yuji deals with Sukuna every day from within his mortal body. As the series has progressed, their relationship grows, and while it's obvious that they aren't friends, they aren't completely enemies either.

What is the weakest Jujutsu Kaisen? ›

Cursed spirits are ranked the same way as jujutsu sorcerers. Grade 4s are the weakest, while special-grade curses are terrifyingly difficult to take down. Grade 4 curses can be taken down with a wooden bat, while a shotgun would be enough to defeat a grade 2 or 3.

Who is the strongest non Curse user in jjk? ›

Satoru Gojo is the strongest sorcerer on the planet. He comes from one of the three great jujutsu families. He was the first to inherit both the Six Eyes and Limitless techniques in 400 years.

Who is the physically strongest in Jujutsu Kaisen? ›

Gojo Satoru is the strongest of all characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime.

Who is Gojo's boyfriend? ›

Like an Old Married Couple — Utahime and Gojo bicker constantly, it mostly starts off with Gojo teasing Utahime as that makes her frustrated at him. GojoHime is the het ship between Satoru Gojo and Utahime Iori from the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom.

Who is Gojo scared of? ›

gojo is scared of women | Manga covers, Jujutsu, Anime funny.

Why is Gojo untouchable? ›

As the wielder of both the Limitless and Six Eyes cursed techniques, Gojo is nearly untouchable in battle. On top of both of these incredibly useful cursed techniques, Satoru's Infinite Domain is so refined that it is able to tear through a special grade curse's domain like it was made of paper.

What demon does Yuji have? ›

Yuji is a first-year Jujutsu Sorcerer at Tokyo Jujutsu High who is thrown into the world of sorcery after he ate a Cursed Object: a finger belonging to Ryomen Sukuna (宿儺, Sukuna), a powerful Cursed Spirit—a being manifested from Cursed Energy from the negative emotions flowing from humans.

Is Yuji becoming evil? ›

Yuji Itadori himself is not evil. However, dwelling within him is the ultra-evil entity, Sukuna, a being of limitless power and darkness. Due to a deal they made, Sukuna can swap places with Yuji, taking over his body for a short amount of time. During this time, "Yuji" becomes evil and he can do a lot of damage.

Is Yuji descendant of Sukuna? ›

7 Yuji Itadori Is A Descendant Of Ryomen Sukuna Which Gives Him The Strength To Harbor The King Of Curses. Just because shared lineage is common of Shonen anime doesn't mean that connecting Yuji and Sukuna by blood wouldn't be a wild coincidence.

Who can defeat Sukuna in JJK? ›

With the ability to defeat anyone in a single punch, Saitama is OP and practically undefeatable. The distinct contrast in personalities between Sukuna and Saitama would lead to a fun interaction, but the battle would be short and sweet. Sukuna would meet his end at the hands of the caped baldy.

How strong is Yuji after losing Sukuna? ›

Combined with his punch on Sukuna and the effect it clearly had, it's abundantly clear that Yuji is indeed incredibly strong, likely strong enough to stay alive in the jujutsu world despite not having Cursed Energy.

Who is more powerful than Sukuna? ›

Yes, the author of the manga has confirmed in a post—chapter infocard that Gojo is the strongest character in the entire series.

Does Yuji eat all 20 fingers? ›

he ate one himself and 2. Gojo gave him one as a test on episode 2.

Who can beat Sukuna with 20 fingers? ›

Conclusion, saitama is stronger than 20 finger sukuna.

Can Gojo beat Sukuna with 20 fingers? ›

Even if Sukuna eats all 20 of his fingers and reaches the height of his abilities, Gojo said that it would be a bit draining but he will be able to defeat the King of Curses at the end of the day.

Can Gojo beat Sukuna at full strength? ›

His strength, speed and reflexes come near to Sukunas but since Sukuna is not a human being he is definitely stronger than Gojo when it comes to physical strength and speed.

Who is father of Itadori? ›

Yuji Itadori is actually the son of Kenjaku. It's still unclear why Kenjaku decided to possess Kaori's body in the first place, but one thing for sure, Kenjaku gave birth to Yuji while he possesses Kaori's body.

Why are Gojo's eyes covered? ›

The true reason why Gojo wears a blindfold is because of his “Six Eyes”. Like Thanos (from Marvel universe) says, “A Small Price to Pay for Salvation”. Everything comes with a price. In this case, Gojo's heightened sight easily drains all his energy and tires him out quickly when he's not wearing a blindfold.

Is Yuji a demon god? ›

As Choso sees how Yuji fights at this point, he notes that Yuji has grown much stronger as has reached a level what he refers to as a "Demon God."

Who is more powerful Gojo or Yuji Itadori? ›

It is too obvious that the most powerful sorcerer that appeared in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga is Satory Gojo. He is one of the central characters whose story revolves around Yuji Itadori. Gojo belongs to one of the very Special Grade sorcerers; even then he is the most powerful one among his group.

What grade sorcerer is Yuji Itadori? ›

Despite his achievements, Yuji is not a special-grade sorcerer. At the end of the first season, he was recommended for promotion to Grade 1 alongside Nobara and Megumi.

Can Gojo teleport out of domain expansion? ›

Gojo have one more incredible power Six eyes. This eyes gives him the power of instant teleportation, sense the arround, curse energy level check and instant heal. Now he uses that ability and create his own domain expansion technique. Nobody can escape from his domain expansion.

Who has the strongest domain expansion in JJK? ›

Satoru Gojo's Domain Expansion is called Unlimited Void, and is easily one of the most powerful and broken in Jujutsu Kaisen. The activation sees user and target brought inside the Limitless itself, which is a vast void full of information which overwhelms the target to the point of forced immobility.

Can domain expansion hit Gojo? ›

This sure-hit factor is derived from the barrier's embedded technique, which is what makes this type of domain considered lethal. These can't-miss attacks can't even be stopped by Satoru Gojo's Infinity.

Why is Rika so strong? ›

Immense Cursed Energy: Cursed Rika's cursed energy was endless, making her extremely powerful, to the point that it was near-impossible to exorcise her. Yuta could only access a small amount of her power at a time while he was cursed.

Why can Yuta still use Rika? ›

She is the cursed spirit that remains with Yuta Okkotsu even after Rika Orimoto's soul was unbound from it. Orimoto bequeathed the last vestiges of her will to the cursed spirit, symbolizing a manifestation of her love that she left behind to protect Yuta.

What did Gojo say to Geto before he died? ›

In the ending scene of Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Gojo must have said this to Geto – “You are my best friend. My one and only.” Although Akutami didn't confirm this explicitly, these are the exact words Gojo said to his best friend Geto in his last moments.

What is Itadori's real power? ›

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Yuji is shown to have great speed and can finish a 50-meter track within 3 seconds, implying he can run at speeds of 60.12km/h (37.3mph). He's also been shown to dodge the attacks of all five opposing sorcerers from the students from Kyoto School who tried to murder him.

Can Itadori see what Sukuna does? ›

when Sukuna is inside he can see Itadori's action like watching the world from a tv. When he swaps it's the same for Itadori. So, yes Itadori knows what Sukuna was doing with is body.

What is the secret of Itadori jujutsu Kaisen? ›

It was confirmed in Jujutsu Kaisen's "Death Painting" arc that Brain entrapped a woman in an experiment to birth multiple hybrids. This means that not only is Choso in the family line, but Yuji also killed two of his brothers -- Kechizu and Eso -- alongside his classmate, Nobara Kugisaki.

What is the cursed technique in Jujutsu Kaisen original? ›

Description. If cursed energy is comparable to electricity, cursed techniques are home appliances that use cursed energy to fuel them. Cursed energy can be used as a blunt force, or to reinforce the body, but these applications are not considered cursed techniques.

What is the blood cursed technique in JJK? ›

Description. As the name implies, Blood Manipulation is a cursed technique that allows the user to control and shape their blood beyond its natural form or motion for a variety of effects. It can be used to manipulate every aspect of the user's blood, including blood composition, plasma, and red blood cells.

What is the theory of sukuna and yuuji? ›

Sukuna's cursed energy is so strong that anyone who consumes it will die instantly, and those who don't will be completely possessed by him. Yuji so far is the only person who has consumed a cursed object and come out the other side completely in control.

What is the most powerful jujutsu technique? ›

Jujutsu Kaisen: 15 Best Jujutsu Abilities In The Anime, Ranked
  1. 1 Unlimited Void — Satoru Gojo.
  2. 2 Malevolent Shrine — Ryomen Sukuna. ...
  3. 3 Colliding Limitless: Purple — Satoru Gojo. ...
  4. 4 Cleave — Ryomen Sukuna. ...
  5. 5 Disaster Flames — Jogo. ...
  6. 6 Cursed Speech — Toge Inumaki. ...
  7. 7 Idle Transfiguration — Mahito. ...
Mar 14, 2022

What is the strongest curse tool? ›

"Dragon-Bone" is the finest cursed tool Juzo Kumiya ever created in his workshop. It has the ability to accumulate force and cursed energy before ejecting them out the back of the blade in accordance with the user's will.

How strong is Rika compared to Sukuna? ›

Prime Sukuna is easily stronger than an awakened Rika, with the former requiring an army of more than 1000 sorcerers to seal him away. Even then, he still managed to make his comeback when Yuji ended up swallowing one of his 20 sealed-away fingers.

What is Geto reverse cursed technique? ›

A reverse cursed technique processes negative energy into positive energy by taking two sources of cursed energy and multiplying them by one other. As a result, the energy that destroys becomes energy that creates, and negative energy becomes positive.

What is Megumi cursed technique? ›

Megumi can store weapons and cursed tools in his shadows to aid him, mainly using his shikigami to support him. As each shikigami provides a different skill set, this gives Megumi access to a wide variety of different abilities he can mix up to use in various ways.

Why does Yuji look like Sukuna? ›

In the present, Sukuna has been incarnated into Yuji Itadori due to the latter eating one of his cursed fingers, which contain his fragmented power.

Is Yuji Itadori stronger than Gojo? ›

5) Itadori Yuji

The protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo himself stated that Itadori Yuji would surpass him one day. Even before swallowing Sukuna's finger, Itadori possessed incredible physical capabilities, as seen when he informally set a shot put record at school.


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