Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (2023)

Jujutsu Kaisen is a famous manga and anime series. It features a world where cursed spirits and sorcerers exist. The story revolves around Yuji Itadori, a young high school student who becomes a jujutsu sorcerer later.

He swallows a part of a powerful cursed spirit named Sukuna. Itadori Yuji and his fellow sorcerers fight against powerful cursed spirits throughout the series. The character with the highest level of cursed energy and who knows dangerous techniques is the strongest.

There are many characters in the Jujukstu Kaisen series loved by the audience and leave a long-lasting impression on the fans.

We have put a list of the top ten strongest characters of Jujutsu Kaisen. This list includes powerful sorcerers and cursed spirits with immense power, strength, and abilities, from the most powerful Satoru Gojo to the most monstrous Sukuna.

Some characters don’t have any cursed energy but are well-skilled in combat( such as Maki Zemin), but they couldn’t be on the list.

Here is the list of some of the strongest characters of Jujutsu Kaisen ranked according to their skills and power levels:

10. Nobara Kuglsaki

Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (1)

Nobara Kuglaski is a jujutsu sorcerer who wields a special, cursed “hammer and nail” to manipulate and oppress her enemies. Nobara has a sharp wit and a no-nonsense attitude, which often puts her at odds with her more reserved fellow Jujuktsu sorcerers.

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She fights against the evil spirits that threaten humanity because she is strong and independent with a strong sense of justice. Beneath her strong attitude, Nobara has a soft side hidden, especially toward her friends.

When she was a grade 3 sorcerer, she had easily defeated a grade 2 sorcerer Mamo Nishimitya. Nobara’s Straw Doll Technique can turn the tables in her favor in any fight.

9. Megumi Fushiguro

Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (2)

Megumi Fushiguro is a talented sorcerer from the prestigious Jujutsu High School. He can summon and control powerful shinigami or spirits. Megummi belongs to the Zenin family which makes him one of the strongest characters of Jujutsu Kaisen.

His family is known for creating powerful soldiers. Further to his natural talent, Megumi is a superb martial artist enabling him to compete in straight-up combat.

Satoru has constantly criticized him at their training sessions for his lack of motivation and originality, which has been his greatest weakness. During his fight against the Finger Bearer under Yasohachi Bridge, he performed his Domain Expansion(for the first time Shadow Garden).

8. Yuji Itadori

Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (3)

Before becoming Sukuna’s vessel, Yuji was a physical freak in nature. Yuji Itadori was a high school student before consuming a cursed object known as Sukuna’s finger.

He is the main protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. As the story progresses, Yuji learns to control the powers of the cursed spirit which reside inside him known as Sukuna. His power gets further increased with the help of the training by Satoru.

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His Divergent Fist Attack delivers a deadly blow, but Black Flash is his ultimate attack technique. The Black Flash Attack can damage powerful special-grade curses, which makes him among the strongest characters of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Yuji’s ultimate attack is 2.5 times more damaging than his regular hit. Currently, Yuji is unable to use the Black Flash attack on his wish. If he learns to do that, then his powers will become limitless.

7. Aoi Todo

Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (4)

Judging by his personality, Aoi is tremendously strong physically. Aoi has a muscular body physique. He sent Yuji flying many feet away through a big tree with a single punch.

Aoi claims he defeated a five-grade curse and one special-grade curse the same night. Still, he is not overly arrogant or self-assured. Aoi is intelligent too.

In a short period, he analyzes and anticipates his opponent’s next move. However, Aoi’s boogie Woogie technique lacks basic offensive or defensive abilities, but his skills allow him to take over the battle and take advantage of his opponent.

6. Kento Nanami

Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (5)

Kento is a skilled grade-one jujutsu sorcerer who works as a salaryman in his day-to-day life. He is known for his calm and rational attitude. Kento’s abilities always remain ahead, even in the most dangerous conditions.

His abilities include manipulation in space and distance. Hence, this gives him an edge on the battlefield. Kento is a skilled strategist and tactician sorcerer, hence enabling him to analyze situations and execute an effective attack strategy simultaneously.

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Previously, Kento held the record for the most Black Flash attacks one after another. However, Black Flash is not his signature move. Ratio Technique is his signature move where he analyzes and exploits weak points in his opponent’s body.

Due to numerous tricks and tactics, he is no doubt one of the strongest characters of Jujutsu Kaisen.

5. Mahito

Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (6)

Mahito is a tremendously powerful young curse. He is known for his creativity and cunning nature. On top of that, Mahito has one of the quickest feet. Mahito has defeated Kento in a one-V-one fight in the sewers.

He could have destroyed Yuji and Kento together if Sukuna didn’t intervene. He can reshape a soul with the help of the Idle Transfiguration Technique. Plus, it provides endless possibilities because he could reshape his own body by his choice. But he hasn’t mastered his Domain Expansion.

4. Jogo

Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (7)

Jogo is strong, despite not being able to defeat Satoru. He is as powerful as eight to nine Sukuna’s fingers. Jogo can destroy his enemies in a matter of seconds with his power of fire and lava strikes.

He erupts small but disastrous flames and volcanoes that can destroy anything it touches. For accurate long-range attacks, he uses his Ember Insects. The coffin of the Iron Mountain is his Domain Expansion, where an average sorcerer trapped could get engulfed in flames.

Although his Domain Expansion doesn’t work on Santoro, this doesn’t prove that Jogo should be taken lightly.

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3. Hanami

Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (8)

Hanami can absorb life forms from the environment. She could disable most of the sorcerers or Curses. But she does not match the level of cursed energy of Mahito or Jogo. On numerous occasions, Hanami has even surprised Satoru.

Hanami could change the environment with her incredible Disaster Plant Technique. Hanami’s techniques distract and weaken the opponents and increase her speed.

2. Ryomen Sukuna

Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (9)

Sukuna is the most powerful, and dangerous cursed spirit in the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe. Initially, he was a human sorcerer named Ryomen Sukuna.

He got converted into a powerful cursed spirit after consuming the fingers of a powerful cursed object known as the King of Curses. He is the King of Curses. Sukuna’s single finger is more than enough to construct a special-grade curse.

Dismantle Technique enables him to tear apart his enemy. Mahito got torn apart when he tried to touch Sukuna’s soul multiple times.

In the Juvenile detention center, the Finger Bearer got defeated by Sukuna. Malevolent Shrine is the name of his Domain Expansion. Under his Domain Expansion, he could attack anything within 200 meters. Moreover, Sukuna is well known to be patient and cunning.

1. Satoru Gojo

Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (10)

Satoru Gojo is the main protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is the most powerful sorcerer and the strongest character of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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Gojo is also known for his carefree and laid-off attitude. He often uses humor to lighten up tense moments. He is the one who created the Infinite Void technique, where he could manipulate space and time accordingly.

He mentors the main character Yuji Itadori of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. Gojo’s attitude and confidence claim that he could beat Sukuna.

He becomes overpowered with his limitless technique, where he could dodge all damages and create powerful singularities. These singularities are so powerful that they destroy anything that comes in the way.


Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters? ›

The protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo himself stated that Itadori Yuji would surpass him one day. Even before swallowing Sukuna's finger, Itadori possessed incredible physical capabilities, as seen when he informally set a shot put record at school.

Who is the top 10 strongest in Jujutsu Kaisen? ›

Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerers
  • 8 Aoi.
  • 7 Nanami.
  • 6 Maki Zenin.
  • 5 Toji Fushiguro.
  • 4 Suguru Geto.
  • 3 Takaba.
  • 2 Yuta.
  • 1 Satoru Gojo.
Dec 14, 2022

Who can surpass Gojo? ›

The protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo himself stated that Itadori Yuji would surpass him one day. Even before swallowing Sukuna's finger, Itadori possessed incredible physical capabilities, as seen when he informally set a shot put record at school.

Can Sukuna defeat Gojo? ›

Would Gojo be able to beat Sukuna? Yes! Gojo is currently the only Jujutsu master sorcerer in existence who is capable of defeating Sukuna.

Can Goku defeat Gojo? ›

But even if Goku is not capable of moving, his long-range attacks and constant Ki barrage can take out the sorcerer. This is further proven by how Gojo's technique utilizes a lot of stamina, which might leave him exhausted after a few moments.

Who is stronger Gojo or Itadori? ›

It is too obvious that the most powerful sorcerer that appeared in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga is Satory Gojo. He is one of the central characters whose story revolves around Yuji Itadori. Gojo belongs to one of the very Special Grade sorcerers; even then he is the most powerful one among his group.

Who is Gojo's strongest student? ›

Suguru Geto was a former special grade sorcerer who was both the best friend and rival of Satoru Gojo. As students, both Geto and Gojo were considered the strongest, with Gojo later surpassing Geto after awakening his true powers to overcome certain death.

Who is stronger than Sukuna? ›

Yes, the author of the manga has confirmed in a post—chapter infocard that Gojo is the strongest character in the entire series.

Does Yuji eat all 20 fingers? ›

he ate one himself and 2. Gojo gave him one as a test on episode 2.

Can Saitama defeat Gojo? ›

Saitama would stand no chance against Gojo and his infinity. He could keep punching the Jujutsu Sorcerer but it would be of no avail due to the infinite pocket of space between them. Gojo can also use his domain expansion to end the fight by immobilizing the hero.

Can Naruto beat Gojo? ›

The fair answer would be - yes, in certain situations. Given the vast number of abilities both possess, one might find a way to defeat the other. While Gojo's Limitless and Six Eyes are major forces to reckon with, Naruto's Baryon Mode is another level of power.

Could Gojo beat 20 finger Sukuna? ›

His strength, speed and reflexes come near to Sukunas but since Sukuna is not a human being he is definitely stronger than Gojo when it comes to physical strength and speed.

How strong is 20 finger Sukuna? ›

In every single appearance, Sukuna has proved that he is by far the strongest cursed spirit ever. He seriously injured Mahito when angered, defeated Jogo without much trouble, defeated Mahoraga, something no user of the Ten Shadows Technique and even a member of the Gojo Family with the Six Eyes had done.

Could Gojo beat full power Sukuna? ›

With the use of Limitless, Gojo will make it nearly impossible for Sukuna to touch him unless the latter surprise the former with fully tamed and summoned Mahoraga. It's only Mahoraga Shikigami that would be able to break through Gojo's profound barrier and make it possible for Sukuna to attack him.

Can Gojo's Infinity be broken? ›

The Infinity can only be deactivated by the user, or countered by Domain Expansion or Domain Amplification. Cursed tools imbued with specialized cursed techniques can also disturb or dispel the Infinity. Satoru expanding the Infinity into a dome counter Jogo's lava. The Infinity halting one of Jogo's cursed techniques.

Can Gojo beat Sasuke? ›

1) Sasuke Uchiha

With his visual prowess and abundance in chakra, he could give Satoru Gojo a run for his money if the two were to ever battle. While one may argue that Gojo has his Infinity to protect him from any attack, Infinity can only protect Gojo from selective things.

Can Gojo beat Luffy? ›

In current manga, Luffy does not have infinite attack speed or higher dimensional attack to bypass Gojo's barrier. He also don't have any soul manipulation or anything that can damage Gojo in metaphysical level. The only advatange Luffy have is faster than Gojo (iirc faster tha light).

Who killed Gojo Satoru? ›

Suguru reaches out to take Riko home, but she's suddenly shot in the head and dies. Shocked, Suguru looks up from his friend's corpse to find Toji armed with a handgun. The jujutsu student asks why Toji is here and the assassin reveals that he killed Satoru Gojo.

Who killed Sukuna? ›

Before becoming the King of Curses, Sukuna was an uncontrollable human sorcerer who posed a threat to humanity and was defeated and killed by his fellow jujutsu sorcerers over 1,000 years ago. Even after his death, his body was too strong to be fully destroyed.

Who is the strongest curse user? ›

There is no doubt that the legendary Ryomen Sukuna, the King of Curses, is the most powerful member of his kind. While Geto acknowledged Rika Orimoto as the Queen of Curses, Sukuna is still at the top as #1, and that is why his fingers are used to measure other curses' strength.

Why Sukuna loves Megumi? ›

Throughout the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Sukuna had been very particular about keeping Megumi alive, and this explains why. He simply, wants Megumi to perfect the Technique so that he can finally execute his supposed master plan.

Who is the fastest jujutsu sorcerer? ›

Naobito was born with a natural sense of strategic movement and timing. Coupled with Projection Sorcery, the head of the Zenin Family became known as the "Fastest jujutsu sorcerer" (excluding Satoru Gojo).

Who is the strongest villain in jujutsu? ›

Sukuna. The King of Curses, Sukuna is the most powerful of the vengeful spirits and a time bomb waiting to explode that is currently sharing the body of one hapless Yuji Itadori.

What is Gojo Satoru afraid of? ›

gojo is scared of women | Manga covers, Jujutsu, Anime funny.

Who can defeat Goku? ›

10 Iconic Anime Characters Who Are Stronger Than Goku
  1. 1 Featherine – Higurashi: When They Cry.
  2. 2 Akuto Sai – Demon King Daimao. ...
  3. 3 Grand Zeno – Dragon Ball. ...
  4. 4 The Anti-Spiral – Gurren Lagann. ...
  5. 5 Yogiri Takatou – Instant Death. ...
  6. 6 Pegasus Seiya – Saint Seiya. ...
  7. 7 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Gurren Lagann. ...
Oct 8, 2022

What is Yuji Itadori rank? ›

Yuji ranked 1st place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 21,735 votes. Yuji is 173 centimeters tall (5'8") and, according to Akutami, will continue growing. He weighs about 80 kilograms (176 lbs.), but his body fat percentage is in the single digits.

Who can beat 20 finger Sukuna? ›

With Sukuna's full power still very much a mystery, Satoru Gojo takes the title of strongest Jujutsu Kaisen character.

Has Gojo ever lost a fight? ›

1 Togi Fushiguro Defeated Satoru Gojo By Fully Embracing The Rebellious Attitude That Gojo Fights For.

Can Luffy beat Sukuna? ›

Furthermore, Luffy can stretch himself to a great extent in One Piece, allowing him to perform ranged attacks that can reach Sukuna if getting close isn't an option. However, like Lemillion, the hard part would be making his attacks powerful enough to beat Sukuna down.

Does Sukuna have a brother? ›

Another theory states that the Nihon Shoki's Sukuna is a representation of the two brothers Oousu no Mikoto and Ousu no Mikoto. Interestingly, Oousu and Ousu were considered twin brothers in the Kojiki—the oldest surviving historical document of Japan.

How many fingers did Jogo feed Yuji? ›

Jogo gave Yuji four fingers; two were whole and two were severed during their fight.

Did Megumi eat a Sukuna finger? ›

Sukuna laughs manically realizing that Yuji didn't take himself into account on who he couldn't harm, and before Megumi can do anything, he chokes him out, force-feeding him the finger, and transferring his consciousness into Megumi.

How strong is Gojo without blindfold? ›

In this case, Gojo's heightened sight easily drains all his energy and tires him out quickly when he's not wearing a blindfold. Well, just like any other jujutsu, Gojo's ocular power requires him to use cursed energy, and he would unnecessarily use all his energy when not sporting a blindfold.

Is Gojo weak? ›

Immense Cursed Energy: Satoru Gojo is known within the jujutsu society as the strongest jujutsu sorcerer.

Can Gojo beat Muzan? ›

Yes. Gojo literally has Hollow Purple, which erases matter and is fast that not even Muzan could escape it. Lapse Blue and Reversal Red, he literally shreds them all to the last atom.

Who has six eyes before Gojo? ›

Satoru revealing his Six Eyes to activate Unlimited Void.

Does Gojo beat Boruto? ›

GOJO ABSOLUTELY CURBSTOMPS BORUTO - That includes his Kama form.

Who would win Gojo or Itachi? ›

Honestly, there's not much Itachi can do. All this is ignoring the fact that Itachi has limited chakra and is ill. Gojo's hax are just on a different level. The winner is Gojo.

Is Sukuna evil or good? ›

Sukuna is selfish, cold-hearted, immoral, and exceptionally sadistic. When he was reincarnated shortly after Yuji ingested his finger, he commented, implying the slaughter of women and children and likening them to maggots crawling around.

Who would win Gojo or kakashi? ›

Who wins in a fight, Kakashi (Naruto) or Gojou (Jujutsu Kaisen)? Gojo Satoru easily wins 6 to 7 times out of 10.

What is Sukuna's full name? ›

Ryomen Sukuna (Japanese: 宿儺, Hepburn: Sukuna) is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the manga series Jujutsu Kaisen created by Gege Akutami.

What is Sukuna's famous line? ›

"A system that isn't based purely on strength is boring if you ask me. When I make this kid's body mine, you'll be the first one I kill." Sukuna believes that if a hierarchy must exist in jujutsu society, then it must be based solely upon the strength of a sorcerer.

Can Sukuna beat Madara? ›

Madara takes the win. If we are talking about alive Madara in his prime then maybe Sukuna has a chance to win. Against Alive Madara it's a 50/50 considering both a pretty OP. However, if it's edo Tensei Madara Sukuna will have to be careful considering it has to be total disintegration to kill Edo Tensei corpses.

Who is more powerful than Gojo in JJK? ›

There is no other sorcerer or curse user stronger than Gojo Satoru in Jujutsu Kaisen at the moment. But Gojo himself mentioned that Yuta and Hakari have the potential to surpass him.

Can Gojo live forever? ›

Time does not pass within the Prison Realm meaning that theoretically, Gojo could survive inside forever. This being the case, the seal can be lifted within 100 or 1000 years. Furthermore, the seal will be broken when the person inside kills themselves, but Gojo does not seem the type to take this way out.

Is Sukuna stronger than muzan? ›

"Based on this analysis, it seems clear that Sukuna has the edge in terms of power and abilities. He is stronger, faster, and more durable than Muzan, and he has a wider range of abilities at his disposal. Additionally, Sukuna's regeneration abilities would make it difficult for Muzan to kill him.

Is Yuji stronger than Sukuna? ›

The answer is obvious, no. Yuji isn't even as strong as 1 finger Sukuna. He can control his body completely but he can't beat Sukuna in a one-on-one fight. Moreover, he would most likely rely on him in every battle.

Is Toji stronger than Gojo? ›

Toji Fushiguro is victorious.

Who would win 20 finger Sukuna or Gojo? ›

His strength, speed and reflexes come near to Sukunas but since Sukuna is not a human being he is definitely stronger than Gojo when it comes to physical strength and speed.

What is Itadori's real power? ›

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Yuji is shown to have great speed and can finish a 50-meter track within 3 seconds, implying he can run at speeds of 60.12km/h (37.3mph). He's also been shown to dodge the attacks of all five opposing sorcerers from the students from Kyoto School who tried to murder him.

What is Yuji Itadori's real power? ›

Without a technique of his own, Yuji developed divergent fist as a way to use his cursed energy in a unique way. Divergent fist acts like a piston when Yuji punches something. His fist makes contact first, and then the cursed energy follows soon afterwards, making every attack hit twice.

Who would win Yuta or Itadori? ›

Yuta Okkotsu is victorious.

Who is Gojo scared of? ›

gojo is scared of women | Manga covers, Jujutsu, Anime funny.

How to counter Gojo infinity? ›

The Infinity can only be deactivated by the user, or countered by Domain Expansion or Domain Amplification. Cursed tools imbued with specialized cursed techniques can also disturb or dispel the Infinity. Satoru expanding the Infinity into a dome counter Jogo's lava. The Infinity halting one of Jogo's cursed techniques.


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