11 Best Canvas Print Services in 2022 (For Any Budget!) (2023)

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The best canvas prints are not only unique decorations turning your favourite memories into beautiful pieces of art… They are also a great gift idea for any occasion.

But with so many canvas print service providers to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best canvas print services on the internet.

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What is a Canvas Print Service?

Canvas print services are companies that turn any picture into a canvas print (or other product). You can upload any photo from your phone, computer, or Facebook. And the canvas print service provider will turn it into a beautiful piece of art.

The best thing about these services is that you can get them in any size to fit your needs:

  • Small for an everyday decoration
  • Medium-sized for a home interior design project
  • Large for an entire wall

Some canvas print services offer the option of designing your own artwork. Others allow you to upload an image that they will then resize for you.

Canvas print services offer different types of canvases for you to choose from. Options include framed, wrapped, mounted, and unmounted. All these canvases will have special laminates on top to help preserve your images.

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What to Look for in a Canvas Print Service

There are three important things to consider before ordering a canvas print online:

  • Quality of canvas
  • Quality of ink
  • Price

To suit your needs best, make sure you order your print from a company that offers a wide range of canvases and finishing (framed, wrapped, or mounted). And ensure the ink they are using is up to your standard.

Also, if you order a custom canvas print as a last-minute present, make sure the company offers speedy or same-day shipping.

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How to Order a Canvas Print (Step-By-Step)

Ordering canvas prints online is easy. All you have to do is follow a few steps, and in a few days, your canvas will be delivered straight to your door.

  1. Choose a photo you want to turn into wall art. Make sure the file meets the minimum required size.
  2. Examine the photo carefully.Zoom in on it so you can spot imperfections and blurriness that would be noticeable when printed.
  3. Choose the style of canvas on the print service’s website.
  4. Upload your photo.
  5. Pick a size for your canvas, select a material, and add any additional accessories, like a frame, that may suit it.
  6. Submit your order.

The Best Online Canvas Print Services

1. CanvasPop

CanvasPop is a website that offers the best quality canvas prints. They have HD printing technology and use high-quality materials to create durable yet affordable wall art for your home or office.

Theirs is a wide selection of canvases, wooden frames, and other accessories. And they make it simple to customise your order with just a few clicks.

I am a fan of their simple interface. Usually, these websites can be overloaded with visual material that can be distracting. CanvasPop does a great job of keeping random graphics to a minimum.

The site’s customisable features and high-quality products make it one of the best canvas print services available online.

CanvasPop discount coupon code: ‘EXPERT55’ for 55% off canvas prints

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Pricing: $$

Shipping: US, Canada, and EU

Delivery: 7-10 days

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2. CanvasChamp

CanvasChamp provides a vast selection of custom canvas prints in size, style, shape, and quality. Their canvas options vary from traditional canvas prints to hexagon-shaped ones to wedding canvases with lyrics.

You’ll find many other customisable home decor items at CanvasChamp. There are wood prints, photo pillows and blankets, and photo moon lamps and mugs, to mention a few.

CanvasChamp regularly offers seasonal discounts on its products.

They also have a lowest-price guarantee. If you find any other company offering a lesser price, they will match the price and provide an additional 10% discount!

I do find their interface a bit busy. The saving grace is that they make a special effort to present their prices in a streamlined manner. This helps cut down the time you’re on their website before you get the final quote.

Pricing: $

Shipping: US, Canada, India, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Delivery: 3-7 business days

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3. CanvasHQ

CanvasHQ puts a huge emphasis on the quality of its products. You can choose matte, semi-gloss, glossy, iridescent, and vintage canvases when ordering from them.

They also offer a ‘100% Satisfaction Guarantee’. If you are not over-the-moon happy with your order, they will remake it for you or refund your money.

They direct a big amount of their effort to be transparent with the processes they use. This is great, as it makes a difference knowing the particulars of each element.

You can find all these details in the ‘Why We’re Better’ section on their website.

Pricing: $

Shipping: US

Delivery: 7 Days

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4. Shutterfly

Shutterfly is a leading company when it comes to personalised gifts. You can find the canvas print section under ‘Wall Art’. This is also where you will find the numerous options available.

Besides high-quality canvas prints that come in every shape and size, they also offer photo books and water bottles. They even have personalised face masks! You can get everything in one place that you’d need for a unique gift pack.

Just make sure you don’t leave the site buying a whole new decor for your house!

Pricing: $ – $$

Shipping: Worldwide (except Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, and Zimbabwe)

Delivery: 6-10 business days. Super-rush orders are available within 1-2 business days.

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5. Photobox

Photobox provides some of the best canvas prints. They use professional-grade canvas material and state-of-the-art printing technology. This produces a flawless finish that can last for years to come!

What’s more, they offer a unique ‘110% Satisfaction Guarantee’. If you don’t like your order, they will credit your account with 110% of your order value.

Photobox’s design and simplicity are also winning factors. Often printing sites can be hectic as there are so many options to choose from. The design interface looks like it could be hard to get around their website. But they have managed to keep the navigation effortless with the use of big thumbnails.

Pricing: $ – $$

Ships to: Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

Delivery: 2-6 days

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6. Photo Canvas Land

Photo Canvas Land promises museum-quality canvas prints for the lowest price. These high-quality services are always a great aspect to look out for. It usually means that their lower, entry-level services will still provide great prints.

The company has been active since 2000 and has been providing quality prints since then. The interface does seem a tiny bit dated. This could be a good sign where they favour product quality over flashy design. Not to say the interface is bad. I still enjoyed the navigation through the site with most printing services as it is straightforward.

Photo Canvas Land provides you with a range of different canvas or regular printing options. Both come with additional mounting options as well. I am a fan of the selections they give, as none of these options will take away from the prominence of your image.

Pricing: $

Shipping: US and Canada

Delivery: 15-21 business days

11 Best Canvas Print Services in 2022 (For Any Budget!) (11)

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7. Mixbook

Mixbook is a service that doesn’t specialise in canvas printing. Instead, it specialises in putting your photographs on everything you can think of.

They produce work with fantastic quality, especially the level of detail they put into their canvas printing section. Here, you have a lot of choices to refine your print. You are even able to make adjustments in a program they provide.

Pricing: $$

Shipping: International

Delivery: 8-12 business days

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8. PhotoBarn

PhotoBarn is your option if you want to have a little more fun with your photo printing. As the name suggests, most of their products conform to a barn aesthetic. This aesthetic is increasingly popular in peoples homes nowadays.

This aesthetic is made very evident when you see they have a service that prints on burlap. This option will give you a more textured surface that your image will sit on. It reduces the quality of the print but fits the aesthetic well.

Photo pallets, ornaments, and hexagonal photo tiles are among some of the various printing options they offer you. These can be fun for family images or images celebrating a special occasion. If you want quality photographs you can appreciate, I don’t think this option is for you. But, these can be excellent niche presents for friends and family.

As well as a personal printing service, you can pick up other items that match the barn aesthetic. This includes various signs that you can hang around your house.

Pricing: $$

Shipping: US and Canada

Delivery: 5-7 business days

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9. Great Big Canvas

Great Big Canvas is one of the services that specialise in stock image prints. This can be a good sign, as it means they are used to dealing with online issues and orders that could go wrong.

They have a service that gives you an online assistant to make your process as smooth and quick as possible. They also provide a unique UVB laminate for extra protection. Another nice, unique feature is the option of being able to have a floating frame.

Especially good for large canvas prints.

Pricing: $$ – $$$

Shipping: US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK

Delivery: 8-12 business days

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10. Elephant Stock

Elephant Stock focuses on providing a print service aimed at selling stock images. They are named after the size of their image database, boasting an incredible amount of imagery to choose from. This can be helpful if you are planning to decorate, especially as you can browse the database by colour.

As they produce many of their stock image prints, you can have faith that they will produce quality prints of your work. It means they have refined identifying how an image will look based on the file size and quality given.

Their canvases are all layered with a special protective laminate. This laminate has UV, scratch-resistant, and waterproof capabilities. This means your prints will last longer without a significant loss of quality in the images.

Don’t let their price turn you off. They often have huge sales, which dramatically reduce their prices. So it’s always worth checking before you buy.

Pricing: $$$

Shipping: US and Canada

Delivery: 3-4 business days

11 Best Canvas Print Services in 2022 (For Any Budget!) (15)

11. iCanvas

iCanvas is your average canvas printing service. They provide another big database for stock images. I enjoy the way you can browse—they have a great system to search through their database. You can look through sections organised by different house rooms, different subjects, and even different colours.

The personal printing service is excellent. After you get your images uploaded, you are presented with a page to edit every aspect of your print. This is convenient, as you can clearly see all your options. iCanvas also provides a proofing service to see what your image will look like directly on the print.

I would say that iCanvas is not the best with blowing up low-resolution imagery. This is fair, as it is up to you, the buyer, to provide quality prints.


Shipping: International

Delivery: 8-12 business days

11 Best Canvas Print Services in 2022 (For Any Budget!) (16)


We live in a time where it couldn’t be easier to put your favourite images up on a wall. If you wanted to do this in the recent past, it would have taken you months and cost you dearly. Now, the process of taking an image from your computer and onto a canvas is a fast and seamless one.

One of the sites on our list will provide you with great canvases to put up in your home. The selection should come out of preference and ease. Don’t settle for any less than a print you will be happy with. These canvases can last for years!

The most important point I would say to keep in mind is to check your file sizes! These companies cannot make good prints of bad images. It is worth checking how big your images files are and how big they can be before losing quality. I would suggest asking a friend who can check the size for you. Or, you can learn how to do it yourself in Photoshophere.

If you’re already here, you can also check our list of the best acrylic photo print services, too!

Are you wanting to create your own colourful, unique wall art? Check out our Urban Smartphone Minimalism e-book with projects to create beautiful compositions.


How can I get free canvas prints? ›

Downloading your print design
  1. Create or open the existing design that you want to print.
  2. Add margins and bleed and adjust some elements, if needed. ...
  3. Select Share from the editor menu bar.
  4. Select Download.
  5. On the file type dropdown, select PDF Print.
  6. Optional: If you need crop marks, tick Crop marks and bleed.

What is the best file type for canvas prints? ›

Tip: JPEG is the best file format for transmitting your images for the print on canvas.

Can you print on canvas with any printer? ›

You need an inkjet printer to get the best results. If you have a laser product, it will render beautiful products on paper, but it lacks the quality and definition that only inkjet technology delivers to a canvas.

Are Costco canvas prints any good? ›

I use Costco since years and sometimes they even have a promo with $10.00 off on canvas prints. The quality is great, only one time I had to return a 20x30 due to scratched away ink on the edges. You can unpack and observe any canvas at the photo center and also do it later.

Is Canva prints good quality? ›

Printing from Canva is a great option for those who want high-quality prints at an affordable price. Canva offers a wide range of print products, including business cards, flyers, posters, and more. All of their products are printed on high-quality paper stock, and they offer a variety of finishes to choose from.

Does Canva do print on demand? ›

Canva's on-demand printing service makes quality design and printing easy, affordable, and sustainable, letting you bring your brand and ideas to life in hundreds of innovative ways.

Does Canva deliver India? ›

Canva Print is currently available for limited products in the following regions: Australia (AU), Brazil (BR), Canada (CA), Europe (EU)1, India (IN), Japan (JP), Mexico (MX), New Zealand (NZ), Northern Americas & Caribbean3, Russia (RU)5, South East Asia (SEA)2, South & Central Latin America4, South Korea (KR), United ...

Why is there a white border when I print from Canva? ›

Because items can shift in production, sometimes your print products will be cut slightly outside the Trim line. This means that if you haven't extended your background image to the Bleed, there won't be any part of your design to fit that extra space, resulting in a white border.

What do photographers use to print their photos? ›

A couple of printers that are popular with pro photographers are the Epson SureColor P800 and Canon's ImagePrograf Pro 1000. The genre of photography you shoot might make it necessary for you to print often. For example, if you regularly print client portraits, or sell fine art prints.

How do photographers offer prints? ›

The best way to sell photos online as physical prints or products is to work with a local photo lab that ships prints or use a print-on-demand service like Printful to dropship a wide range of products (prints, phone cases, pillows, and more) featuring your photos.

What type of paper do professional photographers use? ›

Pearl Finish – Often used by professional photographers and graphic designers, it includes slightly higher glossiness compared to satin finish. It benefits from vibrant deep color results, but yet still has a lower reflection than the gloss paper. Available in micro/nano pores coating.

What printer do professional photographers use? ›

Listed below (in no particular order) are some of the best printers for photographers: Canon PIXMA Pro 200 Professional Wireless Inkjet Photo Printer. Epson PictureMate PM-400 Wireless Compact Color Personal Photo Lab Inkjet Photo Printer. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Wide-Format Inkjet Printer.


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